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Immerse English Online School

Live Group Lessons with Native Tutor

Tuesday and Thursday. 
(below is UK time)

Who Are We

(General English - Intermediate)

Enhance speaking, grammar, and vocabulary for well-rounded language skills in an engaging and supportive environment.

(English For Professionals)

Master business communication, terminology, and cultural nuances to succeed in global professional settings. 

(Advanced Conversations in English)

Explore complex topics, boost vocabulary, and improve fluency through dynamic discussions in an intellectually stimulating course.

General English - Intermediate

Pre intermediate
Person Working with Laptop

Gain Confidence 

You have come to the right place! You are invited to a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where you can make mistakes and enjoy testing your English with fellow speakers. 

Guided By 
Native Tutor

Each lesson will be carefully planned and organised with a teacher who has lots of experience teaching group lessons. Help with grammar, vocabulary, etc, but the most important is speaking practice! 

Video Call

Meet New People

You are not the only one wanting to improve your English. See other like-minded individuals who want other people to practise with, and make friends for life. 

Upper intermediate

English For Professionals

Be Ready For Business

Acquire language skills for presentations, negotiations, and professional interactions, preparing you for success in the business world.

Test Yourself

Develop proficiency with targeted assessments, refining your language skills and ensuring readiness for diverse professional scenarios and challenges.


Make Connections

Cultivate effective communication, networking, and relationship-building skills to establish meaningful connections in the global professional landscape.

Immerse Yourself

Advanced Conversations in English

Person Participating in Video Call

Elevate Your English

Hone language finesse, tackle complex topics, and expand your vocabulary for advanced, engaging conversations and personal growth.

Keep English Polished 

Prevent language rust, stay sharp with regular practice, and ensure your conversational skills remain vibrant and effective.

Virtual Team Meeting

Gain Broader

Dive into deep discussions, broaden your outlook, and embrace diverse viewpoints for an enriched understanding of the world.

About the Tutor


Communicative Expertise: Jonathan Rogers excels in fostering open dialogue, ensuring students grasp complex English concepts through clear and engaging communication.

Proven Track Record: Leveraging extensive experience from teaching at the University of Manchester, working with international companies, and conducting online sessions, Jonathan offers a rich blend of academic and practical expertise.

Approachable Mentor: With a personable approach, Jonathan creates a welcoming environment, making it easy for students to seek guidance, ask questions, and grow.

Open-Minded Educator: Embracing diverse perspectives, Jonathan encourages creativity and critical thinking, fostering an inclusive learning atmosphere for students

What Our Students Say

Sunny Group Lessons
noun_Ratings stars 5 of 5_1580825.png

"The group lesson is an extraordinary opportunity for me. He provides online program and various tasks such as presentations on a daily basis, which helps me immerse in every step of the courses and keeps me motivated to stay ‘on-task’. This helps me not only build my confidence in speaking English but also prepare me to study abroad effectively."
Sunny, South Korea

noun_Ratings stars 5 of 5_1580825.png

"Studying during that course extremely boosted my understanding of how is much better to learn foreign language. I definitely appreciate Jonathan’s help and attentiveness in all lessons. The best thing in the structure of this course – the total dominance of English during your preparation to the lesson."  
Denis, Ukraine

Denys Group Lessons Review.jpg

Name, Title

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Name, Title

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Name, Title

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Everything You Need To Know


Rest assured, we've got you covered—whether it's pricing, class details, or materials, we'll provide all the information you need for a seamless learning experience."

Quantity of Students

  • The lesson will have at least 4 students, with a maximum of 10. The average will be 6-8. 

Will I be automatically accepted?

  • Before being accepted into the course, we recommend a free 20 minute introduction lesson to see if you qualify for the course you are looking to attend. 

Learning Materials

  • For General English, there will be a mixture of conversation based lessons for students to speak in groups. Also, there will be typical classroom lessons that focus on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and fluency. 

  • In English For Professionals, these classes will involve Business English materials, and also ask students to do additional work, and perform tasks within the lesson. 

  • For Advanced Conversations in English, students will have conversations about complex topics, and all lessons will be teaching vocabulary as well as encourage discussion as much as possible. 


  • For each course, you can purchase packages of 8, 16 or 24 sessions.

  • For General English - Intermediate & Advanced Conversations in English, prices are £60 for 8, £102 for 16, and £135 for 24. 

  • For English For Professionals, prices are £80 for 10, £136 for 16, and £180 for 24.

  • Packages of 16 and 24 provide a 15% and 25% discount respectively. 

Video Call Software

  • Having experienced with many online platforms, lessons will be conducted on Zoom. 

  • Zoom allows a smooth connection for a larger groups, and allows breakout rooms for the best classroom experience. 

Dates & Times

  • Lessons will take place between 10am to 3pm UK time on Tuesday's and Thursday's. 

  • Lessons due to start in April until June. 

  • Possibly will be extended throughout the rest of summer and winter. 

If you are interested in joining in the group lessons with fellow driven students, then fill in the form below and we will get back to you with more information and then arrange a free meeting. 

Thanks for submitting!

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